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Mock Interview by Working Professionals

Gain more confidence by taking up mock interview by working professionals in the industry you are looking for

Communication skill round

Base for any interview be it freshers to Sr. Manager level

Technical skill Round

Technical round by working professional from your industry

Managerial skill round

Managerial round for to-be managers and managers

How does it work?

Raise a request

You can raise a request for a mock interview from the selection below.

Submit your Resume

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Our team will review your profile and identify the professionals who will best suit for your interview process

Interview Scheduling

We will get in touch you with our availability for the Mock interview


Your interview will be over Zoom meeting. You need to have the Zoom app installed on your mobile or laptop.


You will receive a feedback on  your performance and areas you need to improve

Schedule your Mock Interview

Fresher Mock Interview
Anyone with less than 1 year of work experience
30 min Communication
30 min Technical

30 min session for feedback

normally $499 Free
Experienced Mock Interview
Anyone until Senior level and not yet a Team Leader
1 hour technical
30 min manager round
30 min HR and Salary negotiation

30 min for feedback
normally $1,499 499
Managerial Level Mock Interview
Anyone from Team Leader to Senior Manager level
1 hour technical
1 hour on managerial skills
30 min on HR and Salary negotiation

30 min feedback
normally $2,499 1,499

What does it not cover?

No Job Assurance

This is only a Mock interview to prepare yourself for your interview
We do not provide any job assurance based on the mock interviews

No Job Recommendations

We do not provide any job recommentations
We only help candidates to prepare with a Mock interview and cannot suggest any job for them

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