How to Answer "Why should we hire you?" in an interview

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Written by, Shyamala Mani | Shyamala is a freelance blogger and a budding web developer. Find her on LinkedIn here.

Have you ever been posed with a question for which the answer is obvious but you cannot state the obvious? Well, this is just that kind of a question. Here’s how to answer a well-thought response to such a question.

Why does the interviewer ask you this question?

Always try to know the reason behind non-technical questions like these. “Why this job” or “Why should we hire you” or “Why do you think you fit this role”. The reason should be one or many of the following things.

  • To observe how you respond to such a question and decide if you fit in or fall short of the interviewer’s expectations.
  • To know if you know what you are applying for.
  • To see if you succeed in convincing them that you are indeed a good candidate.
  • To see if you are a match for the role and you have relevant accomplishments in that field.
  • To see if you are culturally compatible into their office space and if their team will be happy to have a person like you working with them.


So let us see some basic and mandatory rules that will help in forming a response which will help you in succeeding the interview.



  • Aim to cover some of the vital job responsibilities in your response, that were mentioned in their job notification, such that you are showing them your past qualifications or experience and which is why you have applied for a similar or better role to grow in that career path.
  • Study ahead about the company, their nature of providing business solutions, what they are specialised in and what they are aiming to master next. This helps in not only answering the interview questions but also while you are working with them on your job.



  • Avoid saying clichés like “Because I need a job and you have a vacancy” or pointing at yourself and saying “How can you reject me?” In short, don’t give-in to the temptation to joke because it might not be received well.
  • Don’t go for a one-liner that starts with a “Because” as the interviewer may think that your ability to reason and negotiate is only that much.


Framing your response

You can start by highlighting your past experience or qualification, mention the special achievements worth citing relevant to the career, and that your aspirations lie in this track. Here the interviewer might cross-question you to see how far you are willing to go. So he/she might even ask like “Almost all our applicants to this position have done the same things. Why should we hire you?” When you come prepared for the interview after understanding the job requirements and also you have knowledge about the company, then you can answer this question calmly and confidently and have a fair chance of winning it.

Emphasize on the core values of the company, their moto and work ethics. Frame your response which is built on what the company needs from you. You can say that your aspirations are in-line with the company’s and when you saw the job vacancy notification, you couldn’t wait to apply as that is exactly what you have been looking for and you believe that while working for them, you can work together for what they thrive and both can benefit in the process.

This way, you can show them that you are serious about the job.

Not having success in interviews?

You can attend mock interviews by working professionals

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